Here she is again, my stunning daughter Millie.
Whenever I photograph a baby, I ask the parents if there’s any blemishes on the babies face that they would want removed from the image.
Small cuts from their fingernails as they scratch their face in the throws of tiredness both desperate to sleep yet stay awake at the same time.

The scratches always get removed, it’s not a feature of their face.
But milk-spots…
Usually the parent will want them removed, but for me, this is a part of them.
In the younger months the baby is covered in them, gradually disappearing as they grow.

In this image Millie still has two, and they are staying in the photo.
We as parents want this memory, soon they will be gone and her face will change ready for new images and memories.

So as a parent, when you get photographs done of your baby, think to yourself, what really is a blemish?
What is, and what isn’t a feature of your baby? What do you want remembered? 

Be sure to discuss this with your photographer at your next baby shoot.

Trev Rich